Our History

Formation and Milestones...


  • October 1, 1986:  The Ontario Chinese Christian Medical Fellowship, our mother organization, established a Planning Committee and started recruitment.
  • January 15, 1987:  LWCC officially opened at 3850 Finch Avenue East, Suite 208 in Scarborough, beginning to serve the Chinese community in the GTA with holistic personal counselling, education and training, thereby healing relationships, nurturing marriages and families, and strengthening the community.
  • Raised community awareness of counselling and psychological health, through radio and television programs/interviews, newspaper columns, talks and workshops.


  • Registered as a charitable organization; formed a new board of directors; and organized the 7th Anniversary celebration and vision sharing evening.
  • Hired additional staff, increasing co-operative efforts with churches and social agencies; made more use of public media in strengthening education for immigrants in the areas of psychological health, marriage and family.
  • Participated in the 1994 International Year of The Family by organizing a large-scale education week for the community, and publishing a booklet on psychological health of immigrant families.
  • Started course in peer counselling and regular discussions with church pastors.


  • Organized workshop series, support groups, camps and retreats, targeting individuals, couples and families in different stages of life.
  • Promoted psychological and spiritual health through stage productions (play, musical), walkathons, etc.
  • Organized a large-scale public symposium for counsellors and people-helping professionals, entitled “The Canadian Chinese Mosaic – A Community in Flux, to Better Understand…To Better Serve”, to promote awareness and co-operation in the psychological health of immigrants.
  • Established a satellite counselling centre in Mississauga; and started internship programs.


  • Provided training to three churches, strategically located in north, central and south GTA, in establishing parenting support groups, and assisted them to do so.
  • Started a radio program for people-helping professionals;  joined the Chinese Mental Health Network (CMHN) and collaborated in a parenting series for Mandarin speakers.
  • Hired staff for Mandarin ministries;  partnered with 13 Mandarin-speaking churches and 2 social agencies in organizing a week of activities to promote awareness in physical, psychological and spiritual health, and a symposium on “Mental Health and the Church”.
  • Held a large-scale seminar on “30-50 Life Transformation”;  released a CD series and established a continuing education course on Peer Caring.


  • Celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a public symposium on holistic personal growth, conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin, and a banquet.
  • Added staff and a Spiritual Direction ministry; started courses in Spiritual Formation, Recovering from Divorce and Male & Female EQ, and a Caregiver course for churches.
  • Moved to a new rental location at 165 East Beaver Creek Road, Units 9 & 33 in Richmond Hill and commenced plans for purchasing the 2 properties.
  • Joined the Chinese Mental Health Initiative (CMHI); started a support group for church pastors to promote dialogue and collaboration in psychological and spiritual caring and related training.


  • September 11, 2011:  Special vision-sharing and fund-raising dinner
  • December 1, 2011:  Received sufficient funds from donations and loans to purchase the office properties.
  • February 25, 2012:  Office dedication ceremony, renewing the theme, “Connecting & Transforming”.
  • August 27, 2012:  Started video training in Panama, on caring and psycho-spiritual health.
  • September 14, 2012:  Conducted a seminar on “A New Paradigm for Strengthening Chinese Immigrant Families”.
  • September 30, 2012:  25th Anniversary celebration and fund-raising dinner.


  • Re-organized staffing in 2013 and 2014.
  • March 2014:  Vision-sharing and fund-raising dinner.
  • September 2014:  “Love in a World of Turmoil” - 27th Anniversary celebration and fund-raising dinner.
  • September 2014:  Successfully completed the required changeover to the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.
  • November 2014:  Completed a 3-year (2014-2017) Strategic Plan
  • January 2015:  Recruited three part-time positions - Director of Resources Development, Director of Training & Development and Holistic Health Coordinator, continuing to enhance partnerships with other social agencies and be sensitive to the needs of the community, fostering holistic health of individuals.