Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction 

 LWCC is please to offer a new service to the beloved Christian community. We, our Spiritual Director(s) who are gifted individual and specially called, desire to serve you and journey with you to explore God’s way in your life by listening with you in such a way that your personal experiences come to your own “answers" to a deeper awareness of

(1) the Presence of God

(2) sense of direction / discernment

(3) believing that it is God who is guiding you through Silence, Spiritual Direction Conversation, Contemplative Prayerful Listening, Scriptures, Prayers, and Spiritual Disciplines around desires and experiences

(4) God's invitations will come to the surface.

Service Duration: Individual Spiritual Direction

50 minutes per session by appointment through LWCC

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin